wait, who is evan heenan?

Hey 👋 I'm Evan! I am a multidisciplinary designer based in Northern California, I spent a bunch of time in Southern California and received my BFA in graphic design from California State University Long Beach.

software and skills
adobe creative suite
adobe xd

typography & layout
editorial design
brand identity
web+app design

As a designer the most difficult thing for me is stagnancy- I always want to keep moving and making in every step of the process. I find that design is like a puzzle with infinite solutions; one of the best parts about it is there is no right or wrong answer, therefore my work becomes a unique expression of character. My design philosophy revolves around concepts of function and meaning rather than decorating and playing to aesthetics, in this way my work becomes more significant and less reliant on trends and popular aesthetic. However, I also believe that design is extremely dynamic and it is important as a designer to become as fluid and immersed as possible for the project at hand. In this sense the identity of the designer is never lost, but rather a great designer will be able to shift their skill sets and attention to certain categories so that they may better fit the ideals and guidelines of a project or client. 

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