Charlie Parker Jazz Festival Poster


Devin Dailey / Advanced Typography / Fine Line Show Exhibition


2018 / 2019


poster design | typography | fine art


creator | designer

Every summer in New York City a jazz festival is hosted in honor of the famous saxophonist and jazz icon, Charlie Parker. Jazz plays a large role in my life and dominated the radio and stereo in my household growing up. The poster explores the concepts of freedom and breaking molds that are associated with jazz. The hand-drawn letters loosely resemble the bar lines in sheet music and their long stretching size represents the massive size of the city and the buildings that inhabit it. The poster elevates its concepts through the gallery show with the bottom of the poster running off the wall and onto the floor; like jazz music, the poster and imagery follows no boundaries. 

The poster was expanded even further when revised for the Student run exhibition Fine Line in 2019. The exhibition featured the works of several BFA students and was based around the idea that there is a fine line that separates art and design. The final exhibition poster features an elongated form (although the original poster was 4 feet long, the exhibition poster was extended to over 6 feet) to further emphasize the setting in which the poster lives and the general feel the poster is meant to imply. The poster becomes part of its environment, mimicking the rectangular skyscrapers that embody New York City and the running freedom of art and expression breaking out of the poster and filling the streets.


Bright and vivid colors - the bright colors emote the freedom and spontaneity of improvisation in jazz music. 

CPJF Poster Originalbrochure for Fine Line ExhibitExhibition of CPJF Posterexhibition layout for Fine Line Showbrochure backside for Fine Line show
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