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Decover is the product of people who value their health and beauty equally and don’t plan to sacrifice either of the two for the other. The standard in the makeup industry is to ‘cover up’ issues with your skin rather than address the underlying problems, while cosmetics companies aim to repair issues with skin that are often caused by use of heavy makeup. While most companies aim to cover-up, Decover eliminates the need to do so. 

Full Brand Process Book and Style Guide available upon request.


The logo mark is abstract- although there are many elements that relate to the brand such as the Venn diagram shape that vaguely resembles an eyelash or the subtle nod to astrological symbolism, the logo mark is intended to be interpreted by the consumer.

signature mark for decover brand


Pastel Purple and Blue - Our palette mimics the beauty of color that lights up the serene night sky. A more pastel and soft tone is a reflection of the soft complexion our products allude to.

visual layers

Outerspace - the vast complexity and beauty of the night sky helps define our brand and informs our color palette

Sacred Geometry - to express the harmonious balance between magic and science, beauty and health, these geometric shapes are believed to have magic properties

Ingredients - some plants that have medicinal, spiritual, and psychedelic properties were used in witchcraft, chemistry, and homeopathic. Our brand utilizes all natural and organic ingredients. 

screens from Decover AppMakeup Pouches for DecoverFacelifter Packaging for DecoverCollage featuring visual layersBright Eyes packaging for DecoverCollage utilizing visual layers
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