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Fining Point






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Located in outside of the city resides a small brewery dedicated to the outdoors, desire for craft, and the people who ultimately bring life to the company. Fining Point differs from other breweries in that we offer patrons the opportunity to engage with the brewery and the beers that they consume through custom brewing options. Patrons have the ability to enjoy some of the breweries unique creations or make one that fits perfectly with their taste and identity. At Fining Point we celebrate craft, community, and creation.

Full Brand Process Book and Style Guide available upon request.


The signature is a combination of the principles of our brand- the overall symbolism utilized in the signature are a mountain range, a mash coil (used in brewing beer), and the end product that makes its way down the mountain and into our taste palette. The signature plays with the concept of harmonize nature and brewing equipment in order to create a refined and beautiful product.


yellow - resembles the liquid gold that we so deeply love
blue - the setting in which we think its perfect to consume our product under the dark and mysterious night sky. 

visual layers

Brewing equipment - gives a blueprint aesthetic to the brand and further instills the concept of creation 

Ansel Adams photography - utilization of photography from iconic nature photographer Ansel Adams captures the raw and wild aspects of nature, a time before everyone could embrace the outside world.

People - the people are perhaps the most important aspect of our brand, leaving out the very thing that breathes life into our culture would be an insult. The color overlay on the figures brings contrast to the black and white photography further instilling the idea that nature is only appreciated when there is someone there to appreciate it. 

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