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Yuji Shinjiwara | Su Moe | Rip Kal |

Immploy is a language and employment app created through competition. In Spring 2019 Adobe hosted CSU Long Beach, Cal Poly Pomona, and CSU Los Angeles in a competition to create a meaningful app using their Adobe XD software. Out of thirty groups, groups were given two hours to prototype and pitch their app. After judging, twelve groups moved on to the final round the following day when students were asked to refine and complete the app-
our group took 3rd place overall with our app. Immploy aims to generally improve the lives of immigrants and non-native speakers through improving the way that people find employment. Our app features a clear and concise template so language may be translated easily and information is easy to digest and understand for all users.


The Immploy signature utilizes a hand with a the first finger pointing upwards. The hand gesture represents the opportunity the app allows - now in the job field non-native speakers have representation and a voice, as if they are raising their hand to say “I can do it.” The shape resembles an ‘I’ and an ‘m’, a nod to the name of the app as well as the group of people the group had in mind when creating the app.

signature mark for Immploy


Red, Blue, and Purple - The gradient color scheme is a blend of red white and blue and ultimately creates a hue of purple. These colors resemble the US flag and how immigrants are at the heart of the country, how multiple cultures blend together to create a harmonious, beautiful balance. 

launch screen / placeholder for videoexample of job pages translationProfile screens featuring translation buttonpicture featuring myself and my group from the competition livestream
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