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Zeta - Car Concept


designory / CSULB BFA Spring '20




brand identity | advertising | copywrite | research & development


project manager | designer

group members

Kate Yasko | Brandon Diep | John Fingerhut

Zeta was born from asking the question “How can a new car company compete with other companies that have decades of experience and notability and how does that differ if the company were Chinese?” My group and I came to the conclusion that the brand must disrupt the entire shopping process through brand identity, proper advertising outlets, and data collection. Our research and development landed us on Zeta, a new kind of car company that is dedicated to their customers through transparent selling techniques and following the guideline of ‘helping over selling.'

Style Guide and Process Book available upon request.


Our brand aims to be different, unlike most car companies that utilize bold caps for their brand and car models, Zeta utilizes a more friendly and approachable lowercase while still retaining the tech feel through the ‘z’ symbol. The Z also resembles an equal sign (=) to better represent the brands dedication to fairness.

signature mark for Zeta


gray scale / red - the color palette for this brand reflects clean modernity while referencing the origin of the company (southeast asia)

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